Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not Just Pizza Review

Have you ever seen those annoying Not Just Pizza commercials? "NJP ... yea you know me ..." Despite all the warning signs, I figured I would finally give them a shot. So I hopped on Seamless to finally check them out (though the receipt says GrubHub).

Half White / Half Home-Style [$10.99]
16'' large pizza

Naturally, the GF and I had to try their pizza. Not sure if we wanted a whole white slice, NJP was able to split it - half white and half "home-style," which is always appreciated.

White Pizza
Provolone, mozzarella cheese, white garlic sauce

The pizza was a bit more doughy than I usually like and could have used more seasoning. And while there was plenty of cheese on the white slice, it wasn't especially garlicky, which is what I usually associate with white slices.

Home-Style Pizza
Homemade sauce, sliced mozzarella, Parmesan

The home-style is essentially a red slice. The sweet marinara was on top of a very thin, almost non-existent layer of mozzarella. Oregano came through nicely, but could have used more hits of the Parmesan to add some seasoning.

Chicken Italiano Sandwich [$7.95]
Breaded chicken, broccoli rabe, roasted pepper, provolone

The GF wasn't really in the mood for pizza, so we also got the chicken italiano sub. The rabe was nicely garlicky with a bit of heat on the tip of the tongue. The chicken could have been seasoned a bit more though. For someone who hates salty food, I couldn't get over the lack of it here.

Wing Dings [$6.99]

I saw wing dings on the menu and thinking of the crispy ones at Pandora's, I couldn't help but get an order of those as well. The buffalo garlic wing dings were nicely seasoned and the accompanying blue cheese was an obvious, but great counterbalance. While they weren't as crispy as Pandora's, these were definitely fall off the bone.

Cheese Fries [$3.50]

We also got an order of cheese fries, which had decent crunch and nice seasoning as well. The whiz came on the side which is always a nice touch for delivery.

Overall, Not Just Pizza or 'NJP' wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, it certainly wasn't the best I've had. Even the pizza wasn't my thing - it's amazing what a bit of seasoning will do. But who knows, maybe the second time is the charm? 

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