Saturday, November 23, 2013

Top Tomato Pizza Review

The GF and I have had Top Tomato's regular Neapolitan-style pizzas several times now - they're decent though at times doesn't really stand up to delivery. Thus, the pizza occasionally results in a soggy crust if overladen with toppings. 

So this time around, we decided to see if the heft of a Sicilian pie would stand up to delivery.

Sicilian Pie ($15.99)

This was as solid iteration of the square-shaped pie. As you can see, there's an abundance of cheese that still maintains its gooey-ness and doesn't result in a massive clump. The marinara has some tang to it, but is mostly sweet. But the real measure of a good Sicilian to me? It's all about the dough.

The Sicilian's dough was simply OK. There was too much heft to it as it was not buttery and could have been crispier. Still, it was well-seasoned. 

Delivery might take a bit during the lunch-time rush, but your pizza will most likely come hot. So give Top Tomato a chance and see if it hits the spot for your pizza cravings.

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