Sunday, November 24, 2013

Steve's Prince of Steaks: Center City Review

Steve's Prince of Steaks is one of many cheese steak joints in Philly that profess to be the king. Well, technically in the case of Steve's, they're a bit more modest and only proclaim to be the prince. Still, from the weak Yelp reviews, I wasn't expecting much but felt I had to give it a try. They opened up an outpost in Center City, which seems to be frequented by many working professionals. After trying the actual cheese steak though, perhaps it really is - location, location, location.

The first thing that annoyed me was that there was a different line for cheese steaks only and another for items such as fries, drinks, and the like. You're telling me that I really need to get in a whole other line for extras? I can see why Steve's might think that speeds things along, but really, it just makes me think twice about adding extras to my order and frankly, it's annoying.

They do have toppings like hot peppers out in the open for you to top your cheese steak, but would have liked to have seen closed lids. Perhaps it's all the epidemiology courses I've taken over the years.

But I digress ... let's move on to the food!

Cheesesteak ($12.65)
Double meat, onions, provolone

Having read the reviews on Yelp, I knew that getting a regular cheese steak was not the way to go (3 flimsy slices of steak on a sandwich? No thanks). So I went with the double meat, provolone, and onions. While there were nice abundance of steak, this cheese steak was pricey - essentially twice the price of most cheese steaks in the area. The soft roll was nice and the innards caused the sandwich to be greasy - in a good way.

However, the meat was where I found most of the fault in this cheese steak. It should have been much more thinly sliced - while it was beefy, it was so chewy that my jaw had an intense workout while I tried to get through the entire sandwich. The onions and provolone were nicely mixed throughout the sandwich, but did not do much to distract from the dry, chewiness of the beef. Unfortunate.

I can't imagine I would try this cheese steak again nor would I subject any out of town visitors to this particular iteration. I'll stick to Mike's in the Comcast Center or Jake's Sandwich Board, thanks.

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