Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweet Ending Review

There's a bevy of frozen yogurt shops in Philly, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a glut. Why? Because you can never have enough froyo! Sweet Ending was one of the first purveyors I tried in Philly and there's a reason I keep going back. There are several locations, including those at 13th and 18th streets in Center City.  

Sweet Ending is pretty straightforward - they offer a variety of options for the base yogurt and an assortment of candy and fruit toppings. Nothing fancy - simple and sweet.

On this particular evening however, one of my favorites, coconut, was out of commission. So I skipped the fruit toppings that I usually go for ...

... because I went for the cookies and cream - neat.

Cookies n Cream

Since this was a yogurt base, it was uniquely tart and not as creamy and rich as I normally associate with one of my favorite ice creams. The flavor was clean though and I'm thinking it would actually go well with some fruit - will definitely have to try it again. 


The GF went with the original, topped with lots of strawberries, pineapple, and shredded coconut. The yogurt was tangy and tart, with the ripe toppings complementing it perfectly. Oh and I can't forget - the GF sneaked in some added sweetness with some white chocolate. Nice. 

Sweet Ending is certainly a great way to end the day. For the GF and I, a nice walk after dinner is the perfect excuse for froyo. Not that you ever need an excuse. 

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