Thursday, October 24, 2013

Smile Cafe Review

On a recent weekend, the GF and I were craving some Thai. After scouring Yelp, we decided to get takeout from Smile Cafe via Grubhub.

Steamed Dumplings ($4.95)

We started off with some steamed pork dumplings, which were not exactly Dim Sum Cafe, but were fresh and subtly sweet. The scallions and crumbled peanuts were a nice textural element to these dumplings.

Pad Thai ($11.95)

Of course, we had to get some Pad Thai. The noodles were pliant and almost creamy. They came with a mix of juicy chicken and plump shrimp. The bean sprouts, carrots, peanuts, and scallions added some nice textural contrast and freshness to the dish. The dish was somewhat sweet and had a subtle heat to it that was understated. Nice, though not the best iteration I've tried.

Pineapple Fried Rice ($11.95)

The GF really felt like some fried rice so opted for this bad boy. The rice was nicely fragrant with undertones of the sweet pineapple. The chicken was juicy and moist and the veggies were fresh.

Chicken Curry ($10.95)
Peanut sauce, jasmine rice 

We had to try some curry. Smile Cafe allows you to create your own curry so we decided to get a chicken curry with peanut sauce and jasmine rice. The subtly sweet, creamy peanut curry was filled with fresh green beans, onions, broccoli, squash and had a slight heat to it. It came accompanied with fragrant jasmine rice.

Smile Cafe offers on-point Thai food with fresh ingredients. Furthermore, the portions are pretty decent and are priced well. Be sure to check them out! 

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