Monday, October 21, 2013

Byblos Restaurant & Hookah Bar Review

On a recent weekday night, the GF and I checked out a new food delivery service, BringMeThat. It adds to the mix by broadening the scope and variety of delivery options that are currently available in Philly. Certainly GrubHub, Seamless, and DiningIn seem to be the major players in Philly. However, there are quite a few restaurants that are offered by BringMeThat that may warrant an order or two from this new service! Heck, the first order comes with a $5 discount!

In any case, the GF and I had a hankering for some Mediterranean cuisine, so back to Byblos!

Hummus [$5.50]

The hummus was on point - creamy, with a lemony essence. It came with a slew of pliable pita, thinner than the typical Greek pita, with a nice chew to it.

Spanakopita / Spanakotiropita [$6.60]

I love me some spanakopita, and this spinach pie did not disappoint. It was savory with nice chunks of salty feta and delicious spinach. The lower half of the pie became slightly soggy due to delivery, but the crisp puff pastry on top made up for it somewhat. 

Falafel [$5.50]

Byblos' iteration had some nice spice to it and was crispy on the outside with some chew within. Texturally, it wasn't as creamy or smooth inside as I would like. It was served with requisite tahini, tomatoes, and lettuce. The GF could have done without the lukewarm pickles however. 

Schwarma Sandwich [$6.60]

The GF was looking forward to some chicken schwarma. Unfortunately, what she received was something along the lines of beef. So who better to take care of the mess than the belly of this pig? Even more unfortunate though, was the fact that I definitely felt that the schwarma was dry, chewy, and lackluster. The sandwich as a whole could have used more tzatziki or tahini. The tomatoes or red onions could not save this sandwich. Even the addition of sriracha couldn't help this lost soul of a schwarma.

Moussaka [$13.20]

Fortunately for Byblos, the moussaka was its saving grace. The ground meat was nicely spiced with cinnamon and the creamy layer of bechamel, eggplant, and potatoes created a hearty bite. The cooked carrots and celery were a nice side.

As a whole though, Byblos did not impress me. There are better Middle Eastern offerings that deliver in Philly. In fact, Bitar's and Al Zaytouna come to mind. But if you're in the Rittenhouse area and in the mood for hookah, I suppose Byblos may be able to satisfy you on some level.

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