Thursday, August 8, 2013

Twist n Sprouts Review

This is the fourth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.
Other posts in this series include: Lumber Jack, Pink Pony, and Chippewa Hotel.

Whenever the GF's dad comes to visit Philly, he makes sure to stop by every frozen yogurt shop he sees. And with good reason - who can resist the tangy sweetness from fro-yo? So when we all saw Twist n Sprouts across the street from the Chippewa Hotel, we knew we needed to stop by for a taste.

In an interesting "twist," Twist n Sprouts offers a salad bar as well. According to the proprietor, they offer over 45 items from the salad bar. However, when we stopped by about 30 minutes before close, they had already shut down the salad bar. But that was fine - since we were there for fro-yo!

They offered various flavors including cheese cake, coconut, and vanilla.

Typical of most fro-yo joints, they had a nice selection of fruit and candy toppings for your dessert. The GF had the coconut, which offered smooth clean flavors. I went with the tart and tangy cheese cake. As an added bonus (or curse!), engage the proprieter and he will talk your ear off. To be sure though, having a fro-yo shop on Mackinac Island is definitely a plus! 

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