Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pancake House Review

This is the fifth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.

Other posts in this series include: Lumber Jack, Pink Pony, Chippewa Hotel, and Twist n Sprouts.
For our first breakfast on Mackinac Island, we decided to hang a left from the Chippewa Hotel and  went to the Pancake House for some simple, yet hearty breakfast fare.

It's a simple, yet relaxed diner-esque setting. You could get a sense that there were regulars and that the college students who worked here over the summer ate breakfast here as well - always a good sign.

"Mac" Muffin ($4.95)
Egg, cheese, sausage, English muffin

The GF went with the simple, yet surprisingly substantial choice. By substantial, I mean that I needed to finish it for her. Surprisingly the sausage "Mac" muffin contained whole sausage links rather than patties which made for even more substantive bites. The eggs were nicely cooked and light, with the cheese providing the binding element. Nothing special, but then again - that's not what we were looking for.

Island Breakfast ($10.50)
2 eggs over easy, hashed browns, marble rye toast, bacon

Of course, I went with what's known as the Island Breakfast. This was essentially a hodgepodge of perfectly cooked eggs over easy, which were nice to combine with the shredded hashed browns. Unfortunately, the hashed browns were unseasoned - easily remedied by the S&P on the table though. The marble rye toast was a nice twist and the bacon was nicely crisp, yet meaty. 

Large Cinnamon Roll ($3.50)

Of course, we all had to share a humungous cinnamon roll to satisfy the sweet tooth before heading out for our first full day on Mackinac Island. Buttery and fluffy, the cream cheese frosting took this over the top. 

The reviews on Yelp mention poor service, but that's not what we encountered here on a weekday during the summer. Overall, if you're looking for simple, yet hearty breakfast fare, don't hesitate to head over to the Pancake House. It'll get you ready for a nice day on the Island.

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