Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seabiscuit Cafe Review

This is the ninth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.
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After an 8-mile bike ride around the entire circumference of Mackinac Island, which featured scenic views and unfortunately way too many Mayflies, the GF's family and I decided to grab lunch at Seabiscuit Cafe. Named after the Tobey Maguire movie (which is on repeat on TV screens), the famed racehorse is clearly revered here.

And with good reason. Lifelong island residents Debra and Sandra Orr decided to purchase this former 1800s bank building for their ode to the importance of horses on the Island. The interior is certainly reminiscent of a well-designed stable complete with a bar. 

Great Lakes Whitefish Filet ($18.99)
Broiled with Chardonnay, caper berries, fresh squeezed lemon juice, sweet potato fries  

The GF was in the mood for fish and chips, but she was disappointed when she realized that the whitefish was skin-on. Even for myself, it was a bit of a turn off since the skin-side was not crispy at all. The meat of the fish was lightly accentuated by the Chardonnay. I don't know where the caper berries or the sweet potato fries were though. Standard fries accompanied the fish, though they were nicely crisp and well-seasoned.

Monte Cristo ($14.95)
Egg battered french bread, crisp chicken breast, honey tavern ham, melted muenster, sassy mayo, drizzled fruit spice, haystack fries

I was in the mood for a bit of a heavy sandwich so I went with the Monte Cristo. However, I was a bit disappointed by the sweetness of this sandwich since I was looking for something a bit more savory. While the description did mention a french toast type bread and drizzled fruit spice, the spice was more of a sauce.

That coupled with the honey tavern ham made this more of a dessert than a main. The sassy mayo was so overpowered I could not make it out. The chicken breast was juicy and crisp though. Sadly, haystack fries were supposed to accompany this sandwich, 
but I got the standard fries the GF received.

Unfortunately,  the Seabiscuit Cafe didn't do it for us. I'm sure this is a great place for Island residents to grab a  drink and simple pub fare, but the dishes we ordered missed the mark. It helps to be served the actual sides advertised on the menu or to be told if there's going to be a substitution.

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