Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Millie's on Main Review

This is the eighth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.
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For lunch on the Island, the GF's family and I decided to head to Millie's on Main for breakfast. Unfortunately, we realized they don't serve that meal of the day, so we waited a few minutes for lunch service to start (woke up a bit late that morning!).

The interior was nicely spacious and reminiscent of a pub. 

 Green Bean Fries ($6.99)

We started off the morning with some green bean fries which were great. They were perfectly fried and crispy without being greasy. It came with a nicely piquant horseradish sauce to temper the fried texture of the green beans.

Grilled Club Deluxe ($10.99)
All natural ham, turkey, Plith's bacon, Swiss, American, lettuce, tomato, red pepper mayo

The GF went with the grilled club deluxe which had fresh ingredients and plenty of them. So of course, she could only finish half of it, but luckily the belly of this pig was there to save the day. The mayo and crisp bacon made this sandwich. The homemade chips were money as well. 

Beef Pastie ($12.99)
Seasoned beef, carrot, onions, potatoes

Apparently pasties are a big thing "Up North." So of course, I had to go with this dish. I wish I hadn't. Either I'm just not a fan of pasties in general or this one was poorly executed, but the pastie did not have a crispy outer pastry. It had more of a doughy exterior.

This was especially surprising since the innards were creamy - pretty one note in terms of texture. The innards were somewhat seasoned, but the potatoes, carrots, and beef definitely needed the thick pepper gravy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the pastie. And the coleslaw was an afterthought. Disappointing.

I would definitely come back to Millie's on Main for the green bean fries, the club, or a drink. But I definitely wasn't a fan of the pastie though I would probably give the dish another try 
from a different source. 

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