Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Mango Review

Philly is home to many frozen yogurt shops including Sweet Ending and Yogorino. Red Mango certainly gets the job done as well.

They have more than a few self-serve ptions - with the majority being fruit-flavored, including White Peach and Mandarin Orange.

As with most froyo joints, you've got a wide variety of fruit, candy, and chocolate toppings. 

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt ($0.49/oz)

The GF opted for the classic with a medley of fruit and granola. The yogurt was tart and the fruit was ripe - nothing wrong here!

Red Mango will get the job done if you're craving some froyo. Still, Philly has plenty of froyo joints and hopefully Red Mango can take further steps to separate itself from the rest of the crowd. 

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