Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Agra Indian Review

A few months back, I was visiting my folks, who work on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens. For our lunch, I decided to get takeout from a number of locations, including Agra Indian. With decent reviews on Yelp, I figured this would be a hit, rather than a miss.

Samosas ($3.50)
Mildly spiced, crisped seasonal turnover (choice of vegetable, potato, chicken, or beef)

Of course, I couldn't choose just one. So I got two orders of samosas. 
The samosas were hefty, perfectly fried, and crisp.

The potato samosas were creamy, with a nice addition of peas and a healthy dose of cumin.

The beef samosas were surprisingly sweet, yet savory.
Certainly a heavier samosa, it was delicious nonetheless.

The samosas came with a green dipping sauce, which was somewhat similar to a mild salsa verde.

Chicken Tikka Masala ($13.95)
Boneless chicken tikka cooked in a tomato and cream sauce

The chicken tikka was a nice iteration of this ubiquitous and oft-enjoyed Indian dish. It was slightly sweet with the base of tomato and cream. The chicken was moist and succulent. 

It came with basmati rice and a large side of cabbage and potatoes, 
which maintained their inherent textures.

A side of onion relish was provided as well, which had some bite and heat on the finish.

A yellow dahl was also provided, which is essentially a lentil soup. There is some subtle heat in this hearty and filling soup. 

Agra is a bright addition to Bell Blvd.'s eclectic mix of ethnic cuisines. The lunch specials offered at this Indian restaurant will fill you up at an affordable price. The bevy of sides that come with your entree provide a variety of tastes that will open up your palate.

Agra Indian Restaurant
215-35 39th Ave.
Bayside, NY 11361
(516) 307-2472

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