Monday, May 20, 2013

Spencer ETA Review

If you're going down the delivery route, burgers usually aren't the best option. The temperature is never right, the burger is dry, or the bun is soggy. But if you're looking for a great quality burger with a gourmet touch, you need to check out Spencer ETA via Dining In!

Tomahto Daddy ($8.50)
Burger, brioche, shredded romaine, fried cornmeal-herb-panko encrusted tomato, bacon, American cheese, grilled red onions, homemade Big Mac sauce

You know Spencer ETA is on point when they're asking you for your desired temperature on the burger for delivery. The burgers were requested medium and came pretty much medium, medium-well. A product of delivery, so in the future, I might request the burgers medium-rare, especially since I know that the quality of the meat is up to par.

Regardless, the burger was delicious - perfectly seasoned, juicy, and moist. The crispy panko encrusted tomato was a nice textural element to this burger, the cheese was plentiful, and the bacon was smoky and crisp. The Big Mac sauce had a hint of spice and the grilled red onions were savory, yet sweet. Perfect. 

Ultimate Spencer Burger ($8.50)
Burger, brioche, mixed greens, grilled turkey bacon, poaches apples, roasted red pepper, cheddar cheese, caramelized red onion, raspberry-herb ketchup

If something says 'ultimate' on the menu, it will be ordered. The peppers were well-roasted, sweet, and tangy. The poached apples were sweet and was a nice counterpoint to the heft of the turkey bacon and the seasoned patty Another home-run!

Parm Fries ($2.50)

There was an abundant amount of fries, considering the price point. The parm fries were crispy and salty. They really held up well despite delivery. 

Sweet Potato Fries ($2.50)

The sweet potato fries were great as well - cinnamon notes, yet hefty.

I still can't believe I've been in the dark about Spencer ETA, despite having lived in Philly for the past 3 years. Their burgers are great, their fries are on point, and the prices are legit. And if they withstand delivery, thanks to Dining In, there really is no reason not to get a big juicy burger (or two!) and some of the fries from Spencer ETA.

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