Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pandoras Review

As with most people, whenever the GF and I are not up to cooking or heading out to a restaurant, we opt for take out. When we can't pinpoint exactly what we want (which happens more often than not), we opt for Pandoras, which offers a melange of options ranging from sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, wings, calzones/strombolis. These are things that can be found in most generic American eateries to be sure. The one difference? Pandoras is consistent and does most of their items very well. That being said - we are talking about take out ... so take my bloviating with a grain of salt. 

Buffalo Chicken Stromboli ($8.25 small / $15.25 large) 
Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Bleu Cheese, & Mozzarella 

The first time we ordered from Pandoras, I was feeling a buffalo chicken stromboli. Being the glutton that I am, I opted for the large. Biiiiiiiig mistake unless you have 3 other gluttons that can support you in this endeavor. The picture above belies the true monstrosity of this beast. Consider this is an extra-large pizza box. Consider further that this stromboli was portioned into four sections, each of which was easily the size of what even I would consider a large stromboli. I could barely finish a quarter of this beast. The rest was put into about 5 Tupperware containers. Great value, but in my humble opinion - overkill.

So this time around, we ordered a small. This came in a small to medium sized pizza box. And while it was also portioned off into four sections, the entirety of the stromboli was just a little bit larger than one of the quarters of Pandoras' large stromboli.

The innards ooze blue cheese, mozzarella, and diced chicken. A delicious and winning combination in my book. The crust of the stromboli is typically crisp on the outside, with a nice chewy and pliant dough within.

Chicken Fajita Wrap ($6.95)
Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Cheddar, Salsa and a side of sour cream

The GF's dish was certainly healthier, but no less tasty. She chose a whole wheat wrap, which was nicely grilled, lending the wrap to a crisp texture in the exterior. I definitely stole half when she wasn't looking!

Wing Dings ($6.25)

I had no idea what wing dings were the first time I ordered them. All I know is, since then, I have ordered them every single time. Pandoras does these really well - juicy meat within, with an incredibly crisply fried exterior. They simply fall off the bone. I wish they would offer more blue cheese to dip these in, but honestly? They really need no accompaniments. I can eat all of these in one sitting - no problem.

Cheese Fries ($4.25 small / $5.75 large)

What you see here is the large order of cheese fries. We asked for the cheese whiz on the side, which clearly wasn't done, but these fries were delicious nonetheless. Receiving the cheese whiz on the side would have likely allowed the fries to retain their crispness better though. When we finally dove into these fries, they were a bit limp. Luckily, the salty, creaminess of the Whiz allowed this to be an almost non-issue.

If you're into loaded fries - try the 'Foogie' fries - those are loaded with bacon, cheddar, mozzarella and a side of ranch dressing. Evil, delicious, and coma-inducing in its own right.

Overall, Pandoras hits the spot when I'm craving take out. You don't feel better about yourself after the meal, but it definitely brings a smile to my face while I'm eating it. Hey - you can always hit the gym afterwards ... if you can wake yourself up from the resulting food coma.

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