Thursday, December 6, 2012

Los Taquitos de Puebla Review

After an insane day at work filled with meetings and presentations, I was once again in the mood for take-out. And with that ... Mexican food came to mind.

The GF and I have ordered from Los Taquitos de Puebla once before. I love a good taqueria and they did a fairly decent job of providing those tastes via delivery the last time around. Perhaps it was the delivery aspect that muted my enthusiasm  (nothing beats a fresh taco from a taqueria stand or even a taco truck), but I was willing to give Los Taquitos de Puebla another chance to blow my mind.

Gringa ($10)
Layers of protein, vegetables, tortilla and cheese. Served with shepherd style beef and Chihuahua cheese.

The last time around, I ordered the Alambre especiale which was a mountainous mound of pork, beef, cheese, mushrooms, and more. They provided flour tortillas on the side, allowing me to scoop just enough of what I wanted into each handheld bite.

Perhaps it's because the gringa is technically not offered as an 'Alambre,' but this iteration came as more of a quesadilla. I ordered this as the GF wasn't a fan of the melange of various meats in the especiale. The gringa contained only al pastor (shpherd style) beef - you could clearly taste the sweetness in the accompanying pineapple, which is typical of most al pastor tacos. The chihuaha cheese blended nicely with the rest of the dish.

However, I was disappointed that this was a quesadilla and not more of the 'Alambre' I had previously (my own fault of course). Regardless, the 'layers of protein' described were not seen here.

Tacos de Pollo ($10)
3 chicken tacos per order, fresh off the grill. Served with sour cream, lettuce, and fresh cheese. 

These were ordered by the GF, and I somehow managed to snatch one of them away. It was fresh, delicious, and light compared to the gringa.  

Taco de Costilla ($10)
3 beef short rib tacos per order, fresh off the grill. 

As soon as I saw short ribs on the menu, I knew I had to order them. I normally associate short ribs with being braised, luscious, and fall off the bone. Unctuous, in a word. Considering these were described as 'fresh off the grill,' I can't fault them for not being braised, but these were disappointing nonetheless. Poorly seasoned - you could say that they were trying to highlight the taste of the short ribs - however, this was very one note. It's nice that they offer the whole bone these short ribs came off of (which horrified the GF of course), but frankly, I would have much rather preferred well seasoned, and more luscious short ribs. 

They did provide accompanying toppings in a separate container. These included fresh cucumber slices, pickled veggies, and radish slices. Lemon and lime slices were provided for us to squeeze on the tacos as well - definitely necessary for the short rib tacos. 

On the left you have one container of sour cream for all three dishes (most likely only for the chicken tacos), a thick, fire-y red sauce in the middle (habanero I believe), and a mild green salsa to the right. I use Siracha on a daily basis so I love my spice, but that red sauce was ridiculous. That's not to say I stopped using it (after all, I needed some bite for those short ribs!), but they were definitely high on the Scoville scale and punishing. 

Delivery was decent. I realize they're smack dab in the middle of Italian Market and they are delivering to Love Park - so I appreciate their trek. However, estimated delivery was 30 to 45 minutes. We received our food a little after an hour and fifteen minutes. 

Overall, my perception of Los Taquitos de Puebla has not changed much - at least on the delivery end. Perhaps you simply need to have these tacos right off the grill to enjoy them appropriately. In any case, these delivered tacos were decent, but nothing to write home about.

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