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Pizzeria Vetri: Spring 2018 Menu Review

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I've always been a fan of Pizzeria Vetri. And there's no shame in my eating game - it's part of the reason why we decided to move to the apartment complex that houses PV Callowhill on its ground level. You likely know about the shift in ownership, but under the clearly capable hands of Head Chef John Sidoti (previously Chef de Cuisine at Osteria), the tastes and tenets that started with Chefs Vetri, Michaud, and Spence remain in place. We stopped by to check out the new spring additions to the menu and judging by the crowds on an early Thursday evening, Pizzeria Vetri remains as popular as ever!

Italian Derby [$12]
Bulleit rye whiskey, Fernet Branca, lemon, mint

Regular readers know I'm a fan of rye and Fernet respectively, so the Italian Derby seemed like a match made perfectly for me. Fernet acted as the bitters, with the bright citrus from the lemon coming on through, along with the freshness of the mint. Easy spring drinking. 

Strawberry Fennel Salad [$12]
Strawberries, shaved fennel, sunflower seed granola, watercress, banyuls vinaigrette

Strawberry fennel salad had fresh flavors coming through from the sweet strawberries and the crisp fennel. I enjoyed the bitterness from the watercress, which was nicely balanced by the texture of the sweet sunflower seed granola and the acid from the oak barrel-aged banyuls vinaigrette. 

Roasted Beets [$8]
Beets, robiolina, pistachios, parsley

Chef Sidoti was killing it with the execution on something as simple as the beet salad. Salt-compressed for 6 hours, the beets had an intensely sweet earthiness from having the moisture pulled out. Paired with the nutty texture of the pistachios, the creaminess of the super-smooth robiolina, olive oil, and parsley, this is a must-order, especially at $8! 

Wood Oven Salad [$12]
Asparagus, snap peas, spring onions, baby carrots, radishes, pecorino, lemon butter dressing

The wood-oven salad was seasonally spring - a cornucopia of roasted asparagus, spring onion, and sweet snap peas, along with sweet baby carrots and a nice bite from the radish. I enjoyed the salty funk from the pecorino, with the lemon-butter dressing tying everything together. 

Asparago [$16]
Shaved asparagus, fried egg yolk, Meyer lemon, mozzarella, parmigiana 

At the Callowhill location, the asparagus pie is a welcome spring addition to the pizza menu. Chef Sidoti is killing it with a fried egg yolk, designed to be picked up and drizzled all of your pie. Talk about yolk porn! The shaved asparagus provides some heft to each bite, with the Meyer lemon providing a punch of bright acidity. 

Funghi Calzone [$14]
Roasted mushrooms, garlic, scallions, ricotta, mozzarella, parsley

The calzones are always a winner at PV. Perfect leoparding on the crust, with a substantial glut of roasted mushrooms, garlic, and scallions, interspersed with creamy ricotta and fresh mozzarella within. 

Agnello [$18]
Roasted lamb, English peas, pickled red onion, young pecorino, parmigiana, mint, oregano

If you're at the Chancellor Street location in Rittenhouse, look out for the Agnello. Beautifully marbled lamb shoulder is roasted and pulled apart all over your pie. English peas and mint are the natural complement to the sweet grassy lamb, with the pickled red onion really making each bite. 

Here's hoping the wonderful weather continues and we're truly done with winter. There's no better way to enjoy it than stopping by for a drink and some good eats at your nearby Pizzeria Vetri. And even if the chill returns, you can certainly enjoy the tastes of spring. 

FTC Disclaimer: Thanks to Pizzeria Vetri and Urbn Food & Beverage for inviting me in. Regardless, my opinions are mine alone and, therefore, unbiased.

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