Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tsuki Sushi Review

It was weekday night and the GF and I weren't in the mood to cook. So we hopped on our local delivery app and decided to order up some sushi. We had not tried Tsuki yet, so figured we'd give them a try. Delivery was 15 minutes earlier than the estimated 45 minutes so that was a +1 from the start! 

Sushi Regular [$15.95]
Salad, sushi or 7 pieces of nigiri, California roll 

We decided to get a regular sushi combo, which came with salad, sushi or nigiri, and a California roll. 


The salad was fairly standard, but fresh, with crisp cucumbers, Romaine, and shredded carrots. The prototypical ginger dressing was on hand as well. 

Tuna Nigiri

We asked for tuna and salmon nigiri and Tsuki obliged. The rice was perfect - lightly vinegared and slightly warm despite delivery, with fresh fish on top. Nothing wrong here! 

Salmon Nigiri

The salmon was creamy and fatty - really hit the spot! 

California Roll

I typically eschew these, but the GF loves the clean flavors of the California roll. Creamy from the abundant avocado and lightly crisp from the cucumber and imitation crab, these were better than most! 

3 Roll Special [$11.95]
I love a sushi place that offers 3 roll specials. And at less than $4 a roll, Tsuki has got you covered at a bargain to boot! 

Yellowtail Scallion

The standard yellowtail scallion roll was decent, with plenty of meaty yellowtail, though the scallion did not come through at all. 

Spicy Tuna Roll

The spicy tuna roll was only slightly spicy, but there was plenty of minced tuna within. 

Sweet Potato Roll

We always need to order a sweet potato roll to satiate our sweet tooth (teeth?). Sadly, these weren't our favorite iteration. The sweet potato was still starchy and the texture was disappointing, without any crunch. 

Volcano Roll [$8.95]
Tempura rice, spicy tuna, special sauce

I felt the need to be extra gluttonous so ordered a specialty roll. The volcano roll was a bit soggy for having tempura rice, but when you have a roll drenched in special sauce for delivery, it's almost to be expected. If you're looking for Americanized sushi flavors, this will hit the spot. 

Overall, I'd order from Tsuki again - sticking with nigiri and standard rolls. For obvious reasons though, Tsuki cemented my theory that you can't expect good sushi unless you're dining in.

Tsuki Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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