Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kabuki Sushi Review

On a random weekend night, the GF and I felt checking out another Philly sushi spot for delivery. We settled upon Kabuki Sushi. 

Sushi Regular Entree [$15.95]

Seven pieces of assorted sushi, California roll, miso soup, house salad

With the sushi regular entree, we received some miso soup, which was fairly standard - briny with bits of tofu and scallion within. The house salad came with some tomatoes, Iceberg lettuce, and julienned strips of carrot, along with some of that prototypical ginger dressing. 

From left to right, we had fatty white tuna (I know it's bad for you, but I love it!), meaty yellowtail, snappy striped bass, fatty salmon, fresh tuna, and a California roll. The rice was lightly warm and had a sweet vinegary seasoning that didn't overpower the fish. Not bad for delivery! 
Philadelphia Roll [$5.25]
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

I love a good Philly roll and this didn't disappoint. Basically bagels and lox without the cure, the fattiness of the salmon, avocado, and cream cheese obviously went well together. 

New York Roll [$12.95]
Spicy salmon, tuna crunchy, avocado roll, topped with spicy tuna, salmon, flying fish roe, scallion, wasabi sauce.  

Their specialty NY roll was a contrast in spicy salmon, which was cooled off by the creamy avocado. I appreciated the crunch of the tuna and the briny pop of masago. 

Volcano Roll [$9.95]

Tempura rice roll topped with spicy tuna, chef's sauce

The volcano roll was especially gluttonous and overdone with mayo on top of the spicy tuna. Americanized sushi exemplified. 

Sweet Potato Roll [$4.95] 

You know we had to order our standard sweet potato roll. Sadly, the sweet potato was still a bit starchy and the tempura crunch was just not there. 

Overall, the nigiri were good at Kabuki, especially for delivery. But there were a few misses as well. Still, if you're looking for takeout or delivery, I'd give them a try - the order got to our door within 30 minutes! 

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