Monday, June 27, 2016

New Delhi Restaurant Review

Recently, one of our friends told us that in a single week, she had ordered takeout three times from New Delhi restaurant. Sounded like my kind of addiction so I had to check New Delhi out! They're on GrubHub, but they also have their own online delivery platform as well! Pro Tip: Sign up for their mailing list and they often send out a 15% off coupon code when you order directly! 

Vegetable Samosa [$3]
Vegetable turnovers, green peas, potatoes

Had to start off with some samosa - there are two per order and surprisingly held up to delivery. Crisply fried, there was a smooth melange of potatoes and green peas within. A trio of chutneys were on offer including a sweet tamarind, herbaceous mint, and an onion chutney with some bite.

Paneer Pakora [$5.75]
Cottage cheese fritters, cumin seed, Oriental spices  

For me, paneer in general is a bit underseasoned for my liking. But I couldn't help but order the dish anyway - because fried cheese amirite? Unfortunately, the crispness of the samosas didn't extend to this batter, which was more of a spongy, underseasoned bite that was barely helped by the chutneys that accompanied the samosas. I'd skip these. 

Paneer Masal Biryani [$11.50]
Rice, cheese cubes, nuts, raisins 

On the other hand, the paneer featured in the masala biryana was spectacular as it soaked up the masala. The texture from the peanuts and the sweetness from the raisins brought it over the top. You can order your desired heat level from an entire spectrum of spice - we went with medium-plus and that had a perfect amount of kick that left you wanting some of the raita (whipped yogurt) on the side.

Chicken Tikka Masala [$11.25]
Chicken, onions, peppers, tomato and butter sauce

New Delhi offered a great rendition of chicken tikka, which the GF had to have. She ordered it at a medium spice level and it was still on the spicier side than the chicken tikka's she's used to. 

Regardless, the sauce was velvety and delicious on top of the accompanying basmati rice. Keep in mind the chicken features both white and dark for those of you that are particular about such things.

Garlic Naan [$3.50]

You've got to have some naan to sop up all of the tomato-butter sauce, right? The garlic permeated throughout the gluttonous bread - the perfect vessel to your Indian on! 

Keema Naan [$3.95]
Minced meat 

The Keema naan offered a different flavor profile, with the minced meat coming through to offer some nice savoriness to each bite.

So if you're aching for Indian food, New Delhi has definitely got you covered. It's now on my roster as one of the top Indian restaurants for takeout or delivery.

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