Friday, March 11, 2016

Mama's Vegetarian Review

One of the business district's lunch-crowd hotspots is Mama's Vegetarian - right by 20th and Market. Despite the inevitable line during prime time, service is quick. Just be prepared - it's cash only!

There's not much seating, but for less than $10 - you can get an abundant platter of delicious vegetarian delights and sandwiches for even less. 

And on a recent weekday night, I picked up a few things for dinner for the GF and I. Definitely less of a line for dinner service.

Mama's Platter [$9.50]
Hummus, vegetables, pita

The Mama's platter comes with fresh, chewy, pliant pita and hummus that can be requested spicy or not. It has a heavy sesame-tahini base and is delicious. The coleslaw has a slight vinegary tang and the prototypical Israeli-style cucumber-tomato salad provided freshness. But the stars of the show are the falafel - nicely crisp, yet containing a moist melange of garlic, parsley, and chickpeas within.

Eggplant Platter [$9.50]
Hummus, vegetables, pita

We also went with the eggplant platter, which had similar accoutrements, including some falafel and gluttonous dolmas. The eggplant was roasted with balsamic and came skin-on (which I enjoy). The roasting provided contrasts in texture - crispiness from the skin and tenderness from the meat within. Nice.

Latkes [$2.50 each]

When I saw that latkes were on offer, I had to get some. The latkes were made of a veggie and potato mix and were well-seasoned. However, perhaps it was due to the fact that I had these for takeout, but they did not have the crispy texture I look for.

No one can fault the pickle bar though - free with purchase! Feel free to grab a variety of peppers, pickles, and pickled goodies to provide some oomph to your dish. So if you're in the area for lunch or dinner - do stop by. For reasonable prices, you'll get some delicious bites - and vegetarian, no less!

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