Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kite and Key Review [2]

Previous Review: Kite and Key [1]

Kite and Key and Sabrina's are our standard go-to's when we're not looking to cook. And that's no surprise considering they're only a block away. So when some friends stopped by, we all decided to head back to Kite and Key for some eats.

Potato & Cheddar Perogi ($9)
Sauteed onion, sour cream

If pierogi's are on the menu. I'm ordering it. Kite and Key had these bad boys on special and they were crisply fried, with a creamy, cheesy mixture within. Sauteed onions and sour cream rounded out each bite.

Calamari ($10)
Spicy tomato sauce, arugula

The calamari were expertly fried, yet tender. For $10, they gave you a boat load to boot! Presentation was prototypical of a bar, with spicy marinara hiding underneath, with a field of arugula lightly dressed on top. But again - it's unbelievable how much calamari there was!

Steak Sandwich ($10)
Grilled filet, chimichurri, caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese, french fries

The filet sandwich came out perfectly cooked - medium rare and well-seasoned. The caramelized onions added some acidic depth, with the earthy chimichurri providing herbaceous notes. The pepper bite of the pepper jack cheese was nice. The fries were thin and crispy, nothing wrong there!

Fish and Chips ($15)
Beer-battered fish, french fries, malt vinegar

You can put money on the fact that the GF will usually order the chipper. The beer-battered fish was light and flaky, though the batter wasn't as malty as she normally likes. The pat of malt vinegar helped though!

The only issue we had on this particular night was that the sodas we ordered were completely flat and tasted of Robitussin. The server gave us a weird look, which prompted me to invite her to have a taste. She declined. In all fairness though, that's not typical and the drinks were obviously taken off. In any case, if you're looking for a proper drink (read: alcohol) and good bar eats, Kite and Key is a great bet on Callowhill Street. 
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