Monday, January 25, 2016

Le Pain Quotidien: Callowhill Street Review

When Le Pain Quotidien opened up shop beneath the Granary Apartments, it was a nice surprise since I'm used to the bevy of LPQ's around NYC.

In addition to a soft opening provided for the residents, they brought out a sample of baked goods for us to try.

LPQ's baked goods are all organic and not overly done with butter, so they tasted fresh and were certainly filling. 

Properly enticed, the GF and I have been stopping by often for a quick snack or breakfast. An added bonus for Granary residents? We've got our own entrance!

Toasted Croissant [$6.95]
Paris ham, aged Gruyere, salad

Their toasted croissant breakfast features a crusty, buttery croissant, filled with fresh thick-sliced ham and aged Gruyere.

A nice mixed green salad with lemon vinaigrette comes on the side, replete with a few cornichon.

Croque Monsieur [$12.95]

Their croque monsieur was toasted a bit over, but was nicely buttery and filled with an abundance of ham and cheese. It was quite substantial, though at $13, might be a bit much. It came similarly adorned with a salad and some cornichon. 

Goat Cheese Omelette [$11.75]

For a goat cheese omelette, the price point was also a bit high. Still, this was perfectly cooked, with a well-seasoned pesto dressing the goat omelette.

The omelette came with fresh-baked sour dough and wheat bread, with a few pats of butter.

Prosciutto & Ricotta Tartine [$14.10]
Peach, arugula, organic olive oil, lemon

Do try the tartines for a burst of seasonal flavor. I would have preferred the bread to be toasted slightly for some texture. However, the peppery arugula balanced the salty prosciutto and the sweet peaches perfectly. The spritz of lemon helped to brighten up each bite, with a ricotta spread beneath to lend some creaminess. Nice.

So if you're in the Fairmount area (or by the Center city locations!), do stop by LPQ. You get what you pay for - organic, fresh, and delicious dishes that will give you the sustenance to get through the day.

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