Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fairmount Pizza & Grille Review

Being new to the Fairmount area last year, I knew I had to try other pizza joints besides Pizzeria Vetri. So venturing a bit north by ESP, I stumbled upon Fairmount Pizza & Grill.

During the lunch rush, it was extremely busy, which means the offerings are pretty fresh and the pizza isn't going to be sitting out for days. 

Plain Slice ($2.17)

Had to try the standard, which had good flavor that was reminiscent of proper NY takeaway slice. The crust was nicely buttery, but was almost too chewy. The cheese to sauce ratio was nice though.

Buffalo Chicken Slice ($3.19)

The buffalo chicken slice was pretty good - great flavor and tender chunks of chicken. There was a bit of slight heat on the tip of the tongue from the hot sauce as well and the cheese sauce was creamy.

Special Calzone ($9.50)
Red sauce, mozzarella, steak, pepperoni, mushrooms. meatball 

I also ordered the special calzone which came with a mix of plenty of meats, including sliced steak, pepperoni, and meatballs, along with some mushrooms and onions.

There was a decent amount of cheese and sauce mixed in to create a satisfying bite. 

So if you're looking for a cheap slice on the go or need a pie for the game, I would definitely check Fairmount Pizza out. We can't have artisanal pizza every day right? 

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