Monday, December 7, 2015

Otaki Sushi Review

Disclaimer: This is for a visit back in early 2014. I'm behind on my posts, I know! 

I was visiting my folks in Long Island when my sister and I decided to go out for sushi after running some errands. We stumbled upon Otaki Sushi's grand opening in the New Hyde / Garden City Park area. Upon noticing that there was also a 15% off discount with a Yelp check-in, I was sold! 

The space inside is sleek and modern. 

There are seats available at the sushi bar as well as several tables throughout the restaurant.

Miso Soup

My sister and I ordered the sushi for 2, which came with miso soup. I appreciated that it wasn't overly salty, with a nice essence of seaweed and plenty of diced tofu. 

House Salad 

The house salad was fairly standard, but still featured a nice mix of grape tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots, and field greens with that oh-so-familiar ginger dressing.

Ika Special 

The ika special featured lightly charred and wonderfully tender squid, wrapped around freshly julienned cucumber slices. Topped with masago, the squid was dressed with some ponzu and a light mayo sauce, This was incredibly delicate and delicious. 

Spicy Lobster Carpaccio [$12]

I was somewhat disappointed there was no uni available, especially on a Saturday. However, our server Anna highly recommended the lobster carpaccio and I'm glad she did! While it wasn't at all spicy as advertised and the tuna actually played the part of the carpaccio in this dish, the briny essence of the caviar melded well with the sweet lobster salad inside the tuna. The crispy shallots provided some savory textural notes I enjoyed as well. 

Sweet Potato Roll [$4]

Who can say no to a good sweet potato roll. Creamy within, with a wonderfully light tempura crunch on the outside, it's a favorite of mine. 

Sushi for 2 [$48]
20 pieces sushi, 2 special rolls

The sushi for 2 featured unctuous unagi with a sweet kabayaki sauce, along with plenty of tuna, yellowtail, striped bass, white tuna, and fluke nigiri. You can't select the two specialty rolls, but I appreciated the passion roll, which featured tuna wrapped with an abundance of avocado. We were also provided with a Tokyo wrap roll, which highlighted spicy crab and sweet mango to create an interesting bite. I believe avocado and jalapeno was also advertised, but wasn't apparent. Overall, I appreciated that the texture of the rice was tangible and there was a sweet, vinegary essence to it. All of the fish was quite fresh, with the striped bass having especially good snap 

Deep Fried Oreos

The kitchen sent out some complimentary deep fried oreos. Doesn't exactly creamy sushi, but regardless, the light and crispy tempura batter made this some of the best deep fried oreos I've had. Gluttonous and richly creamy within, this was a sweetly American, yet enjoyable end to our meal. 

So if you're in the New Hyde / Garden City Park area, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending stopping by Otaki Sushi if you're in the mood for some fresh sushi. I would highly recommend venturing outside the standard sushi sets and trying their creative specials as well. 

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