Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ishkabibble's Review

As I continue my search for the best Philly cheesesteak, I can count John's Roast Pork, Jim's, Jake's Sandwich Board, and Gooey Looie's as some of the better destinations. Ishkabibble's is no slouch either.

With two locations located across the street from Jim's, Ishkabibble's a good bet for the late night crowd not looking to suffer through the line at Jim's. 

Large Gremlin [$2.50]

What's referred to as "The Gremlin" is oft-bandied about in reviews of Ishkabibble's. A mix of grape soda and lemonade, it's slightly tart with expected sweetness on the finish. Not the biggest fan of sweet on sweet, but I can see why it's popular, especially to wash down a cheesesteak.

Cheesesteak Whiz Wit' [$9.50] + Provolone [$1]
Fried onions, whiz, provolone

But truly, I was here for the cheesesteak. The fresh bread was lightly toasted and housed grilled-to-order steak that wasn't overly seasoned. I went with both whiz and provolone to make each bite sufficiently cheesy. The bits of fried onions helped to round things out. Fresh is the name of the game here. If you're looking for a grease-bomb in the best sense though, head over to Jim's.

Onion Rings [$4.50]

Another standout? The onion rings. Sure - they're from the freezer. But the malty batter and the crisp fry rendered that fairly moot and more importantly, delicious. 

So if you find yourself on South Street or are thinking about places to get a proper cheesesteak in Philly, you'd be well served by checking out Ishkabibble's.

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