Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Total Wine: Cherry Hill Review

PA residents know that the PA Liquor Control Board has got libations on lock down. With the exception of some wine, liquor definitely cannot be imported through state lines. So if you're looking for competitive price points and a wider array of offerings, sometimes you need to venture over to NJ to check out Total Wine - which has got you covered on all fronts. Fair warning, bringing said goods across state lines is officially considered an offense.

Regardless, you've got rows and aisles filled with bottom to premium-shelf offerings. 

Macallan 25 and 30 even make an appearance when you're at Total Wine.

If you're looking for smaller volumes of spirits, they've got those too!

And if you order online, they'll have it all boxed and ready for pick up - not that I went across state lines with these goods - of course ; )

So if you're looking to get your bar cart setup with a more eclectic mix than the usual suspects shown above, check out Total Wine if PA Wine and Good Spirits hasn't got you covered.

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