Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sunroom Review [2]

This is for a series of posts for the Borgata Hotel & The Water Club including: Bobby Flay Steak, Wolfgang Puck American Grille, Wolfgang Puck American Grille [2], The Cafeteria, Tony Luke's, N.O.W., N.O.W. [2], Metropolitan, Sun Room, Sun Room [2], Old Homestead Steakhouse, Old Homestead Steakhouse [2], Fat Burger, 28 West, Gelato, the Borgata Buffet, Izakaya, Bread and Butter, and Fornelletto

Regular readers know that when the GF and I are looking for a quick getaway, a good bet is that we're at the Water Club. It's easily the best hotel in AC, with a bumping outdoor pool area and great dining options as well. In fact, even if you're looking for a quick bite, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has got you covered with his elegant creations at the Sun Room.

There isn't an abundance of seating here as it's more of a lounge area to grab a drink and small bites. It's beautifully decorated though with streaming lights among the trees and a fireplace out back.

The perfect spot to start your night out. 

Sunburn [$12]
Absolut mango, Grand marnier, canton de ginger

The sunburn was light and citrusy, with a subtly boozy undertone from the vodka. Easily quaffable.

Tuna Tartare [$19]
Avocado, grapefruit, edamame, shallot sofrito

The Sunroom - Tuna Tartare

The tuna tartare came a bit soupy for my liking, but the sweet acidity of the grapefruit was a wonderful pairing for the nicely chopped tuna. The shallot sofrito added savoriness, with texture coming from the edamame. The Tollhouse crackers threw me for a loop though, downgrading an otherwise elegant dish.

Rock Shrimp Tempura [$18]
Shishito peppers, chili sauce, sea salt 

The Sunroom - Rock Shrimp Tempura

Nothing wrong with the rock shrimp tempura though. Lightly crisped, the shrimp had a wonderfully snappy texture. The shishito peppers had great depth that paired wonderfully with each bite. A must order.

Maine Lobster BLT [$19]

The Sunroom - Maine Lobster BLT

While there was a bit too much mayo in the lobster salad, the crisp bacon paired well with the sweetness of the crustacean. This was all housed within a nicely buttered mini brioche bun.

Lobster Mac & Cheese [$21]
Maine lobster, elbow pasta, farmhouse cheddar
The Sunroom - Lobster Mac & Cheese

If there's lobster mac on the menu, you know I'll order it. While I could have done with a bit more salt in the dish, I enjoyed the creamy, sharp cheddar base and tender lobster chunks amidst the al dente noodles.

While there were some minor issues with execution (likely due to the fact that Chef Zakarian isn't usually at this casino-based lounge), it's clear that the Iron Chef has left an impressive imprint on the dishes he's created. It's a far cry from most of the food you'll find on the strip, that's for sure! 

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