Monday, November 30, 2015

Hai Street Kitchen Review

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Hai Street Kitchen has been open for awhile now, offering fresh sushi burrito options to the downtown business crowd. Perhaps it was the thousands of Korean kimbap rolls I ate during my childhood, but I opted to stay away at first.

Hai Street Kitchen

Ultimately though, the GF kept begging for a bite. So before we went to the Rittenhouse Farmers Market one weekend, we finally stopped by. I was sad to see that the Mexican pork belly combo was no longer available, so we decided to split the Hai Street Chicken, Go Zilla sized of course.

Hai Street Kitchen

With our sushi roll intact, we decided to lay out in Rittenhouse Square to enjoy our treat.

Hai Street Chicken [$10.86]
Gozilla size, chicken katsu, black pepper teriyaki sauce, romaine, pickled red onion, red cabbage, green papaya salad

Hai Street Kitchen - Hai Street Chicken

A wide swath of nori housed crunchy, crisp, moist chicken katsu, along with fresh romaine, red cabbage, and green papaya. The black pepper teriyaki and pickled red onion provided some acidity, with the brown rice lending some substantive starch to each bite (you get a choice of brown or white). Fulfilling indeed - this definitely satiated our afternoon craving. Gozilla size gives you extra meat - so for an extra dollar or two, I'd go down that route for sure.

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