Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grand Traverse Pie Company Review

This is part of a series of posts for Michigan 2014.

In addition to being known for cherries, Traverse City as a whole is scenically set on a gorgeous blue lake. So what better setting to have grab some lunch and pie from nearby Grand Traver Pie Company?

Spinach with Goat Cheese Salad [$7.49]
Baby spinach, blueberries, red onion, apple, cinnamon roasted pecans, goat cheese, honey mustard vinaigrette

The GF went with the spinach and goat cheese salad, which seemed pretty standard, but had a nice mix of apple and cinnamon roasted pecans added in for texture. The honey mustard vinaigrette was sweet and creamy, with the moist grilled chicken and tangy goat cheese providing some heft to each bite.

GT Grilled Cheese [$6.99]
Cheddar, Havarti, cherrywood smoked bacon, sourdough

I went with the grilled cheese. Sandwiched between two thick, buttered slices of sourdough were crisp bacon and a nice melange of cheddar and havarti. The tart acidity from the tomato really made each bite. This came with a dill pickle and a pat of creamy mayo-based slaw.

We had to get some pie as well so stopped by to peruse the multitude of offerings. 

Cherry-Peach Crumble Pie [$3.29] a la Mode [$1.50]

The cherry peach crumble offered a nice mix of sweet and tart, with the sugar crumble providing texture against the creamy vanilla ice cream. Nice.

Grand Traverse Pie Company seems known for their pies, which are homey and tasty. But their other offerings are on point as well. 

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