Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rembrandt's Restaurant & Bar Review

After a weekend stroll through Fairmount with the GF's folks, we were all feeling peckish so decided to stop by Rembrandt's Restaurant & Bar, just north of Eastern State Penitentiary.

In addition to the bar, there was a dining area with plenty of comfortable seating. The vibe was relaxed - clearly a friendly neighborhood joint.

Loaded Tater Tots [$5]
Bacon, mixed cheese, ranch 

We started off with the loaded tater tots, which featured a good crisp on the mini-tots. There was plenty of cheddar and mozzarella melted on top, with crisp bits of bacon studded throughout each bite. The pat of housemade ranch brought each bite over the top. And at $5? A steal.

The Burger [$14]
All natural beef, porter onions, bacon, sharp white cheddar

I went with the burger, which featured a decently seasoned burger, topped with fatty bacon, sharp cheddar, rich beer-braised onions, and a ripe tomato - all housed within a nice brioche bun. While the patty itself came closer to medium-well rather than the requested medium-rare, it still made for a satisfying bite. The sweet potato fries were thin, crisp, and perfect.

Lobster Roll [$15]
Old bay, celery, tarragon, red oak lettuce

The GF's lobster roll featured a nice buttery bun, with lobster that was a bit too chopped and dressed for my liking. But the GF liked it just fine.

Mac N Cheese [$4]

The mac n cheese on the other hand got kudos from the both of us. Nicely gooey the way the GF likes it and plenty of cheese on top to satisfy my needs, each bite had nice notes from the fresh herbs as well. A good side to get at only $4. 

So if you're in the Fairmount area or touring ESP, do check out Rembrant's. They have Quizzo, drinks, and good food to boot. 

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