Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jane G's Review

The GF was in the mood for Chinese and I was in the mood for pork belly. And since we were in Rittenhouse area and nowhere near Han Dynasty, we decided to finally check out the great smells emanating from Jane G's.

It's sleek, with plenty of space at both the bar and in the dining area.

Dumpling Sampler [$14]
Vegetable, chicken & mushroom, truffle edamame, pork & leek

We started off with some dumplings. Starting from the top left and going clockwise, we had vegetable dumplings which had a nice mix within and was paired with papaya, but the dough was a bit dense.The chicken and mushroom had nice flavor and was paired with cucumber. Paired with some field greens, the truffle edamame had a nicely understated truffle essence, but the real star was the pea puree and the crispy texture of the dumpling. The pork and leek dumpling was fairly standard and came with carrots.

Dan Dan Noodles [$7]

Can't help but compare the dan dan noodles here to the one's at Han Dynasty. The initial attack of spice was tempered by a nice peanut essence. The noodles were fresh and had great chew. Even better were the abundantly crisp bits of pork. Best version I've had outside of Han Dynasty thus far.

Garlic Soy Pork Belly [$8]

Do get the pork belly dish here. This was a huge platter of thinly sliced pork in a garlic soy glaze that wasn't overpowering. The heat that comes on the finish was really nice. .

Mung bean sprouts were hidden below, which offering a light countervailing element to this ridiculous portion of pork

Rock Shrimp [$11]

Atop some mixed greens, the rock shrimp were sweet and lightly dressed in a wasabi sauce. The fry on the shrimp could have been crisper though.

Three Cup Chicken [$15]

On the other end of the spectrum, the three cup chicken is a complete contrast to the version at Han Dynasty. At least half of the dish was littered with bone shards. Should definitely have been advertised as bone-in chicken.

The sauce was decent, but not as rich as I would expect. The bits of roasted garlic cloves and ginger were nice though. 

While there were a few dishes that didn't speak to me, there's plenty to warrant a return trip to Jane G's. Do get the pork belly and check out the Dan Dan Noodles. For the Rittenhouse area, it's affordably priced as well.

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