Sunday, August 2, 2015

Levi's Food & Spirits Review

This is part of a series of posts for Michigan 2014.

For a big GF family get-together in Michigan, we stopped by Levi's to pick up one of their amazing glazed hams. But before heading out, we decided to have some breakfast.

The atmosphere is down-home and kitschy with a variety of knick knacks adorning the ceiling. 

Peeker Sandwich [$4.99]
One egg, sausage, cheese, English muffin, hashbrowns

The GF went with a breakfast sandwich, which featured all the usual suspects - eggs, savory sausage, and cheese housed in an English muffin. 

The lightly fried egg helped to make each bite creamy, with yolk oozing through. The accompanying hashed browns were nice, though seasoning is left to you. 

Levi's Big Breakfast [$7.99]
Four eggs, two bacon, two sausage, honey glazed ham, American fries, toast

Naturally, I went with the big breakfast. Buttery wheat toast was featured along with four over-easy eggs, crispy, meaty bacon, sweet honey ham, and plump sausage. The 'American' fries were shaved thin and ate more like hashed browns.

After breakfast, we picked up our 10 lb glazed ham, which was prepped for our dinner that night. 

Levi's Honey Glazed Ham [$50]
10 lbs

Torch-glazed and priced at about $5/lb, the sweet, brown sugar glaze made each bite amazing. The ham was incredibly moist, succulent, and was easily the best ham I've ever had. The crispy bits on the edges were the best, offering texture with a nice mix of sweet and savory.

So if you're ever in Michigan, do stop by and check out the breakfast and Levi's, but more importantly, get yourselves a Levi's ham. You won't be disappointed! 

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