Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sumo Sushi Review

On a recent weekday night, the GF and I were craving sushi. So we hopped on Seamless and noticed that Sumo Sushi had won an award from the delivery service. So with the recommendation in mind, we ordered a gauntlet of sushi to satiate my cravings.


Perhaps due to the size of my order, Sumo Sushi sent over some complimentary edamame. Salty and meaty, the GF loves these.

Gyozo [$4.95]
Fried pork dumplings

In the mood for dumplings as well, we weren't disappointed. The pork was juicy and moist and these had a nice deep fry on the outside for some texture. It was accompanied by a tangy, sour sauce.

California Roll [$4.95]
Crab stick, cucumber, avocado

California rolls were prototypical and the sushi rice had a nice vinegary tang. The roll was studded with sesame seeds as well for some texture. 

Hamachi Negi Roll [$4.95]
Yellowtail, scallion 

We ordered some standard yellowtail scalloin rolls as well, which had a dash of wasabi heat that wasn't overpowering.

Sweet Potato Roll [$4.50]

On the other hand, the sweet potato roll was a bit starchy and frankly, there wasn't much sweet potato in the roll. It was also doused in eel sauce, which rendered each bite too sweet.

Spicy Salmon Roll [$5.25]
Spicy salmon, avocado

The spicy salmon roll was nicely creamy, but could have used more heat. The texture of the sesame was nice though. 

Red Dragon Roll [$10.95]
Spicy tuna, tuna crunch, avocado 

We also went with a few specialty rolls. The red dragon roll showcased tuna two ways. The outer tuna was fresh and within the roll, the spicy tuna was creamy and had nice heat that was tempered by the fresh avocado. The tempura crunch added texture to each bite as well.

Sakura Roll [$12.95]
Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, pepper tuna, avocado, tobiko, special sauce 

The sakura roll featured soft shell crab that was nicely fried and was meaty within. The pepper tuna added some spice, with the special sauce providing that Americanized sushi touch.

Overall, Sumo Sushi isn't a bad choice for takeout sushi. Delivery was fast and the sushi was fresh. I wish they had more roll specials, but you can't always win them all!

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