Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fare Review

The sister stopped by to visit us in Philly, so we rounded up the troops to grab some grub in the Fairmount area. I was told that Fare had bacon Bloody Mary's round the clock, regardless of whether they were serving brunch. And sure enough that's true.

But alas, they were somehow out of them when we stopped by. Not sure how that happens, but they did have food at least!

There's a modern farmhouse-vibe of a bar to the left and to the right, there's plenty of seating for dining. 

Farmhouse Flatbread [$12]
Bacon, sharp cheddar, Granny Smith 

We got the farmhouse flatbread to start. Sweet and savory elements were featured here. The crisp Granny Smith apples imparted some tart sweetness that was accented by the honey. This was balanced by the heft of the bacon and the sharpness of the cheddar. The crisp flatbread lent some nice texture to each bite. 

Short Rib Flatbread [$12]
Port reduction, fig gorgonzola 

Not to be outdone, the short rib flatbread came with a foundation of savory short ribs, with a nice port reduction. The sweet figs were balanced by the funk of the gorgonzola and the peppery arugula, which was nicely seasoned. 

Greek Salad [$11] with Chicken [+ $4]
Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, olives, feta, red wine vinegar, EVOO

While a bit of a small portion, all the standard flavors were there - the sharpness of the feta along with a melange of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and olives dressed in red wine vinegar and olive oil. The grilled chicken was moist and some lightly grilled bread accompanied the salad.

Fish Tacos [$13]
Citrus slaw, black beans, brown rice

The fish tacos should have been renamed slaw tacos because clearly, the fish was not the star here as it only made a small appearance. The slaw had a nice citrusy brightness, but again - where was the fish? The stewed beans were nicely seasoned and some rice was studded with bits of carrot. Definitely a lighter option. 

Bison Burger [$19]
Spinach & feta bison burger, opened faced, lemon herb yogurt  

I opted for the bison burger, which was served open faced. It was surprisingly moist and had traditional Greek flavors, with the herbs accented by the lemon-herb yogurt. The pickles were great and really shined - the slight sweetness balancing out the sour. The accompanying potatoes were nicely spiced and were creamy rather than crisp. The green beans had great snap, with a spritz of lemon providing some brightness.

Truffle Fries [$8]
Truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, chipotle aioli, salt

We also got a side of the truffle fries, which were perfectly crisp and had hints of truffle oil and salty Parmesan. It came with a pat of chipotle aioli.

Overall, Fare is a decent option in the Fairmount area. Do try the flatbreads and while the fish tacos were lacking, there aren't many places in Philly that can cook or even offer a decent bison burger.

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