Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wagamama: Heathrow Airport Review

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While at Heathrow Airport in London, we decided to satiate our appetite by stopping at Wagamama, a London-based restaurant chain featuring a variety of pan-Asian dishes.

The interior was spacious, sleek, and clean. Plenty of seating for those looking to relax and dine during a layover. 

Super Green Juice [3.40 Pounds = $5.57]
Apple, mint, celery, lime

It was an early morning, so I felt the need for a freshly juiced concoction. The super green juice was refreshing - the tartness of the apple and the freshness of the celery were punched up with the addition of some herbaceous mint and bright lime. 

Full English Breakfast [8.45 Pounds = $13.85]
Sausage, back bacon, roasted tomatoes, fried eggs, sourdough toast  

Being a British-based chain, Wagamama also offers the full English breakfast, sans the beans or some good old blood sausage. Still, the thick-cut sourdough was topped with fried eggs. The back bacon was nicely fatty and the sausage was hearty. I appreciated the roasted tomatoes, which imparted some acidity to each bite.

Breakfast Yakisoba [6.50 Pounds = $10.82]
Teppan-fried soba, bacon, egg, cabbage, mushrooms, tomato 

The GF opted for the yakisoba, which featured nicely al dente noodles with great chew, fried on the teppanyaki grill. Creamy scrambled eggs were interspersed with a melange of fatty bacon, savory mushrooms, tomatoes, and cabbage. Very comforting.

If you're looking to grab a quick bite at Heathrow, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wagamama. It's not finicky and offers a variety of options to cater to all palates.

Wagamama: Heathrow
London Heathrow Airport
Terminal 5

Heathrow TW6 2GA

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