Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Khyber Pass Pub Review

If you're in Old City and looking for pub fare and a brew, Khyber Pass Pub is one of the best bets to satiate your needs.

There's plenty of seating at the bar or at tables, but it gets crowded on the weekends!

Fresh Popped Benton's Bacon Grease Popcorn ($5)
Cajun Seasoning

Do start off with the Benton's bacon grease popcorn. The grease from the high-quality bacon pairs well with the smoky Cajun spices - perfect to coat the fresh popcorn.

Fried Green Tomatoes ($7)
Spicy remoulade 

I'll always order fried green tomatoes and Khyber Pass has this Southern rendition in spades.

Perfectly crisp, with a nicely spicy remoulade on top - the tomatoes are tender and for a huge quintet, this is a steal. 

North Carolina-style BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10)
Spicy vinegar BBQ sauce, coleslaw 

The GF went with the pulled pork, which had a nice vinegar base. With creamy slaw on top, the bun was the perfect vessel to house it all. The onion rings were hand-battered and nicely fried. 

Khyber Burger ($11)
Angus beef, bacon, BBQ onions, smoked cheddar, creole mustard

I went with the Khyber burger, which was requested medium rare and came out perfectly cooked. The pillowy poppy bun housed deliciously crisp and fatty bacon, and the burger itself had a nicely charred, salty crust.

The BBQ onions and smoky cheddar helped to bring each bite over the top. 

Baked Mac n Cheese ($5)

The baked mac n cheese was pretty good, showcasing al dente noodles coated with sharp cheddar and a nice bread crumb topping.

So if you're looking for BBQ and pubfare along with some drinks, stop by Khyber Pass Pub to start or end your night in Old City. 

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