Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Giraffe: Heathrow Airport Review

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While waiting for our flight back to Paris for our final leg back to the U.S., we decided to grab  brunch at Heathrow. Giraffe appeared to be our best bet considering the limited time we had. It's a London-based chain featuring a selection of salads and burgers.

Despite a rather long line, the wait wasn't that bad. There's plenty of seating inside and the kitchen turned out food rather quickly. 

Chicken Caesar Salad [8.95 pounds = $13.93]
Torn lettuce, foccacia croutons, cherry tomatoes, avocado, Italian hard cheese, boiled egg, smoky garlic dressing 

The chicken caesar was simply OK, featuring torn lettuce tossed in the ubiquitous dressing. There wasn't much chicken, but the few bits we found were relatively moist. The salad was topped with some Italian hard cheese and small bits of avocado and cherry tomatoes. It also came with some over-boiled eggs.

The "Giraffe" [11.35 pounds = $17.66]
Smoky bacon, mature cheddar

The "Giraffe" burger wasn't that much better. The beef wasn't seasoned much and was a tad dry. The smoky bacon was crisp though and the sharp cheddar brought out a nice funk to each bite. Sadly, the "chips" weren't as crisp as I normally like them and were a bit starchy.

Overall, Giraffe didn't really hit the spot - at least at the Heathrow Airport location.

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