Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sakura Mandarin Review

Sakura Mandarin is located next to Dim Sum Garden. And after hearing that Sakura Mandarin also had soup dumplings aka XLB, I had to stop by to check them out.

It's a clean and sleek location, with bright colors throughout and plenty of seating.

Your meal starts off with some hot tea - nothing wrong with that! 

Spicy Cucumber [$4.50]

The spicy crisp cucumber at Han Dynasty is simply amazing. Sakura Mandarin's iteration is decent, showcasing a thicker sauce which I didn't enjoy as much, but at least the sweet and sour flavors were there.

Won Ton Soup 

As part of the lunch special during the week, the GF and I receive soup with our meal. We went with the won ton soup, which had a nice clear broth, filled with scallions and fresh-made pork won tons.

Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce [$5.95]

An incredible deal for lunch, there's plenty of tender pork and crisp veggies on offer. The savory garlic sauce coated it all nicely.

Dan Dan Noodles [$5.95]

Everyone knows about Han Dynasty's dan dan noodles. So naturally, in trying Sakura Mandarin's version I had to restrain myself in comparing the two.

While there was more peanut than chili flavors in this dish, it wasn't bad at all. The crispy bits of pork melded well with the sauce and the noodles were fresh.

Pork Soup Dumplings [$5.50]

And on to the pork soup dumplings. Compared to Dim Sum Garden, these XLB were more savory and had less of the subtle sweetness. The skin on the dumplings was also not as gossamer thin. Regardless, not bad though it's better a few doors down.

So if you're in a rush and can't stand the wait of a weekend night at Dim Sum Garden, Sakura Mandarin has you covered for your XLB and Chinese food needs.

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