Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crow and the Pitcher Review

The GF and I were meeting up with our newly engaged couple friends J & C. So in the spirit of all things brunch-related, we decided to meet up at Crow and the Pitcher to catch up on all the excitement while imbibing in some Bloody's and champagne.

Philly Food Blog: Belly of the Pig - Crow and the Pitcher

Pro tip? For brunch, Crow and the Pitcher is BYO - perfect to bring some champs. Better yet? They offer a Facebook check-in special which gifts you a free Bloody Mary with your meal. Fair warning, the restaurant is packed before 1PM, but luckily, it wasn't that much of a wait past our reservation time.

Bloody Mary [$10]

The comped Bloody Mary was a great rendition - not overly spiced, but had a nice kick that was tempered by some citrus. It came topped with an olive and pickle. I believe the regular Bloody's even come with bacon on top! 

Breakfast Sandwich [$9]
Brioche, fennel salami, pan-seared tomato, fried egg, caramelized onions, goat cheese, fries 

Philly Food Blog: Crow and the Pitcher Breakfast Sandwich

The GF went with the breakfast sandwich, which was rich with the fried egg and savory with the caramelized onions and salami. The tang of the goat cheese and the acidity of the pan-seared tomato really made it. This was all housed in a nicely toasted brioche bun. The fries were well-seasoned and crisp.

Brunch Burger [$18]
Battered brioche, maple sausage, applewood smoked heritage bacon, clothbound cheddar, fried egg 
Philly Food Blog: Crow and the Pitcher Brunch Burger

I had to go with the brunch burger, which was a monster. While the cheddar wasn't as pronounced as I wanted it to be, the sweet and savory flavors were all there. The smokiness of the crisp bacon and the well-seasoned, juicy burger was the perfect balance to the sweetness of the maple sausage and that battered french toast brioche bun. Definitely a fork and knife burger if you're looking to be somewhat civilized. 

Crow and the Pitcher is definitely a place I'd like to stop by for dinner sometime. Based on brunch, it seems promising. From what I hear, they have Le Bec-Fin's Christofle cheese cart as well. Service was also very good and our champagne flutes were constantly topped off.

Most importantly, congrats to J & C - may you both have a wonderful life together! 

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