Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Le Ronsard Review

This is for a series of posts related to a Paris 2014 trip including: 

Right before a trek up to Cathedrale Sacre Couer in the Montmartre area of Paris, the GF and I decided to grab some late-night stacks to have a midnight picnic. So after passing through the throngs of touristy trinkets in this art district, we happened upon Le Ronsard Cafe.

All the items are on display and pre-made, but for the most part - it's fresh!

So after buying a few goodies, we trekked up to the Sacred Heart.

We found a nice spot on the grass to the enjoy the view of central Paris, slightly away from the throng of students enjoying beer, wine, and bites of their own.

Chien Chaude [3.80 Euros = $4.63]

After having turned the GF on to the french-style of hot dogs by the Eiffel Tower, we opted to get another from here. Unfortunately, it's so much better when it's freshly made. While it was slightly warmed up, the cheese had congealed and the baguette was chewy. Bit of a mess. 

Brie Sandwich [3.50 Euros = $4.26]

In perfect contrast, the brie sandwich hit the spot. The brie was creamy and had light acidity, with fresh tomatoes and greens rounding out each bite. Even the bread was relatively fresh for being the midnight hour.

So if you're by Montmartre and are looking for a quick snack while taking in the views of Paris and the Sacred Heart, I would get a brie sandwich from Le Ronsard. It's affordable and fresh - sometimes the simple things are best!

Le Ronsard
13 Place Saint-Pierre
75018 Paris, France

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