Sunday, February 15, 2015

Maison va Privat Review

This is for a series of posts related to a Paris 2014 trip including: 

Located on the same block as First Hotel Paris, the GF and I were looking forward to enjoying Parisian breakfasts on most days. There's not much better than having a croissant or baguette in hand, walking down the streets of Paris. 

Early in the morning, Maison va Privat was often busy with regulars. We were usually the only tourists in sight - a good sign!

The quality of their pastries were clearly on display, with a variety of options on offer.


On the way to Versailles, the GF and I decided to pick up a few goodies to munch on. The baguette was naturally great - fresh and crusty. As an American though, I couldn't help but long for a pat of butter or some jam. Womp womp.

Cranberry Financier 

On the other hand, there was plenty of sweet, rich, butter to be had in the cranberry financier. A gluttonous treat, the tartness of the cranberries helped to provide a countervailing element to each bite.

Eclair au Chocolat 

On another morning, we opted for a chocolate eclair. This had an interestingly chewy texture, with a chocolate cream within that was incredibly rich.

Orange Croissant 

If you're looking for some brightness, opt for one of the orange croissants, which were buttery, yet tart and sweet. 

Pain au Chocolat 

And of course, do get as many pain au chocolat's as you can. Essentially a buttery croissant, studded with nuggets of chocolate, this was definitely our favorite confection! 

So if you're staying in Paris, and certainly at First Hotel Paris, do find yourself a local patisserie such as Maison va Privat to stalk! 

Maison va Privat
7 Place Cambronne
Paris, France

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