Friday, January 23, 2015

Smith's Restaurant & Bar Review

Located a block away from work is Smith's, which gained some notoriety back in 2012 over the jokes that they had on display. The jokes remain, but luckily, they're now a tad less "abusive."

So recently after work, the GF and I got together for happy hour. 

Happy Hour Nachos [$5 $4.50]

The menu listed these nachos for $5, but we were charged only $4.50 - who can complain about that? Better yet - this showcased a bed of house-fried tortilla chips and a nice melange of cilantro, onions, and peppers. This was all interspersed with shredded chicken and spicy nacho cheese. Do get these.

Signature Salad [$11]
Tomato, warm bacon, cucumber, red onion, signature dressing, goat cheese medallion

The GF went with the signature salad, which was huge and provided a healthy helping of greens, onions, cucumbers, and tomato. Some bacon and a huge goat cheese medallion brought this over the top with salty and tangy flavors. The accompanying pita was a bit salty and a tad dry, but for $11, this wasn't bad at all.

Signature Burger [$12]
8 oz. Angus beef, avocado, smoked bacon, cheddar, grilled brioche, signature aioli 

I had previously had the burger here with some coworkers and wasn't disappointed. So, I went with it again. I requested it medium-rare and though it came out medium, it was still juicy and nicely salt-crusted. The fresh avocado, thick-cut bacon, cheddar, and fried onions helped to create one savory bite. The potato brioche held together well despite the sheer heft.

The burger came with the choice of a salad or fries and since I'm not a rabbit, I went with the crispy, salty fries, which were served in a cute pail. 

So if you're in the Rittenhouse area looking for bar eats, don't hesitate to check out Smith's. They've got good eats, decent HH prices, and there's plenty of seating as well. 

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