Friday, January 16, 2015

Makiman Sushi Review

Makiman Sushi holds it down near the Kimmel Center on Spruce Street. They also have a location in Northeast Philly as well. On Mondays, they have an all-you-can-eat sushi special (you know what that means - but a deal is a deal). Pro tip? It's a BYO!

So with a bottle of Beringer Sauvignon Blanc in tow, the GF and I stopped for by dinner.


We got one of the larger party boat specials, which came with salad to start. This came dressed with standard ginger dressing that was slightly watery, atop field greens, carrots, and cucumber. Some of the pieces of lettuce were a bit wilted, but other than that - fairly standard.

Spicy Tuna Tartare [$9.95]

The tuna tartare had good flavor, but was a bit too finely 'chopped' for my liking. There was nice texture from the crispy tempura chunks throughout and tobiko helped to provide nice bursts of flavor as well. 

Vegetable Tempura [$6.95]

While the tempura was a bit over-battered and could have been crisper, the veggies were well-seasoned and fresh.

Rock Shrimp [$9.50]

The rock shrimp's batter was better - crisp and well-seasoned. The juicy shrimp was tossed in a sauce that nicely balanced between sweet and spicy.

Miso Soup

The miso soup was pretty standard with small cubes of tofu. The broth wasn't overly saline, which I appreciated. 

Party Boat 1 [$34.95]

The Party Boat 1 was plenty of sushi for 1. A bounty was on offer, including maguro (tuna),  kurodai (black sea bream), sake (salmon), hirame (fluke), hamachi (yellowtail) with scallion/yuzu, suzuki (striped bass), sweet ebi (cooked shrimp), and saba (mackerel) with jalapeno to temper the mackerel's intensity. Overall, the sushi was fresh. We also received "white tuna," which was really escolar (which I love due to the high fat content). The tobiko and pickled ginger helped to offset the fattiness.

California Roll 

We also received a California roll, which was standard, but the GF loves its simplicity.

Uni / Sea Urchin [$6.50]

I had to order the uni, which had decent butteriness, though didn't taste especially fresh.

Sweet Potato Roll [$5.50]

The GF always craves the sweet potato roll (won't lie - I love it too). This particular order was especially starchy and wasn't crisp - a let down. 

The service was friendly, though wasn't completely knowledgeable. Perhaps we came on an off-night, but the sushi rice was a bit too cold and seemed over-cooked and overpowered some of the sushi. Makiman Sushi offers an affordable option for sushi in the city, but there are definitely better BYO options out there.

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