Friday, October 31, 2014

Garden Pizza Review

Lately, I've been tutoring as a side gig and so on one Sunday night, I simply wasn't in the mood to cook. So we hopped on Seamless and ordered the usual - some pizza, an eggplant grinder, and fries. This time around, we decided to check out Garden Pizza.

Sunday Special [$12.99]
Large 2-topping pizza, 2-liter soda

There was a Sunday special for only $12.99 - a large 2 topping and a 2-liter. While I love my Sodastream, nothing beats real soda so the GF was excited. But back to the food. We went with pepperoni and breaded eggplant (we really are on an eggplant kick).

The pizza itself was pretty standard - the dough could have been better seasoned and the crust could have been crispier. The breaded eggplant was a bit limp and soggy, though the salty bits of pepperoni were nice. Overall, meh. 

Eggplant Grinder [$6.25]

The GF's eggplant grinder contained a glut of cheese, but the eggplant itself was a bit mushy for being breaded. The roll is fresh and airy, but there was a real lack of texture for this sandwich. Definitely prefer Jake's PIzza's eggplant sandwich.

Large French Fries [$3.99] 

We also got an order of fries which was nicely creamy, though not seasoned. While I can forgive the lack of salt (to each their own), I couldn't forgive the lack of crunch on the outside of these fries In a word - limp.

Overall, I'll take a pass on Garden Pizza - there are simply too many other pizza joints that offer better pizza and sides for this place to stand out for me. But if you're looking for an affordable option, it may be worth checking out. Maybe you'll get better execution than I did!

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