Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bub City Review

This is for a series of posts for a 2014 Chicago trip including Alinea, Giordano's, Bottlefork, Bub City, Portillo's Hot Dogs, Doubletree Hilton: Magnificent Mile, and Garrett Popcorn Shops

For our first lunch in Chi-town, I was with the GF and her folks in the neighborhood of some of Rick Bayless' restaurants. But due to wait times and the fact that we were starving, we opted to head to Bub City, which was right next door.

Once I saw the whiskey bar on the right, I figured we were home. The atmosphere was a bit cowboy-kitschy and seemed perfect for brunch.

Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hashbrowns [$6.95] + Fried Egg [$1.49]

When I saw burnt ends on the menu, I knew we had to order it. Unfortunately, there was only a pittance of burnt ends actually in this dish. Still, there was a certain creaminess to the potatoes that was magnified by the addition of the fried egg. The scallions added freshness, with the shreds of regular brisket offering some savory bites. Texture was needed here (read: more crispy bits of burnt ends!) 

Giddy Up Fries [$12.95]
Pulled pork, cheddar, jalapeno, sour cream

We saw another table with a huge platter of waffle fries topped with a smorgasbord of nacho toppings. So we had to get the giddy up fries as well. This is the better bet - there was plenty of pulled pork, cheese, peppers, and jalapenos, on top of crispy waffle fries. Definitely a good dish to share with a couple of drinks.

El Paso Chopped Salad [$9.95] + Fried Chicken [$3.95]

The GF went with the fried chicken chopped salad, which offered fresh greens, tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumber, and a chopped egg. The fried chicken came sized as nuggets, but were still moist and juicy. 

Fried Chicken & Waffles [$14.95]
Bacon-jalapeno honey, country gravy

The fried chicken on my dish were similar. The accompanying country gravy was thick, heavy, and savory - just what you need after a late night. The bacon jalapeno honey could have used more kick from the jalapeno and bacon. The waffle was no point though - crisp, light, offering a great contrast in texture. 

Overall, Bub City seems to be a fun place to grab brunch with friends. The wheel isn't exactly reinvented here, but that's alright. I'll definitely need to check out the straight up BBQ next time I come around town.

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