Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lazos Pizza & Grill Review

On a lazy weekend night, the GF and I hopped on GrubHub and decided to roll the dice. We landed on Lazos Pizza & Grill and were not disappointed.

Special [$23.50 + $2.75 topping]
1 large pizza, 20 wings, 2 liter

As a special, Lazos Pizza & Grill offered a large pizza, 20 wings, and a 2 liter for $23.50. Even with the pepperoni surcharge, this wasn't half bad. I've provided the a la carte pricing as well for the purposes of the blog. 

Large Pepperoni [$13.15]
16'' pizza

The crispy, thinnish crust was reminiscent of a proper NY slice. The sweet, tangy marinara was well-seasoned and had some body to it. The salty pepperoni and cheese created the melange of flavors I was craving. 

Boneless Buffalo Wings [$12.45]
Blue cheese, celery

The 20-piece boneless wings were meaty and substantial, The blue cheese was creamy with whole chunks of blue cheese speckled within. We asked for half buffalo and half BBQ, thinking that they could accommodate the request like The Spot at Rittenhouse does. Lazos did accommodate it to some degree ... I'm pretty sure they combined the buffalo and BBQ sauces to coat the wings! This created a sweet, yet spicy concoction that wasn't too appealing to the GF, but was fine with me. Next time I'll be more specific I suppose.

Large Buffalo Chicken Stromboli [$13.45]
Peppers, onions

In addition to the special, I had to check out the stromboli, wondering whether it was on par with Pandora's monster. This was huge like a torpedo and ate more like a fajita than a stromboli due to the eventual sogginess of the dough.

The innards could have used some more blue cheese and hot sauce to reinforce that buffalo flavor.  The upper crust on the ends were crispy however and there was certainly enough to last the week. 

Turkey Club [$7.75]
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, coleslaw

The GF wasn't in the mood for pizza, but was definitely down with a turkey club. This was a good triple decker sandwich with moist turkey and crispy bacon. The sweet and slightly tangy cole slaw was on point as well. But the real winner here? The crispy, crusty fries. If you haven't had the fries at Lazos, you should definitely check them out.

Mega Fries [$5.25]
Bacon, whiz, mozzarella

So regular readers know - if I see mega fries on the menu, it's likely going to be ordered. The crispy fries made a reappearance, along with thick-cut bacon and a blanket of mozzarella. A side of whiz was provided and was the icing on top for this pig.

Onion Rings [$2.95]

And if you're going to offer $3 onion rings, I'll likely grab an order of those as well. These were incredibly crunchy and clearly house-made. The onions themselves weren't substantial, but for $3, this wasn't a bad side in the least. 

Overall, Lazos has got you covered for your takeout needs and if you're craving an unpretentious, NYC-style slice. Top that off with quick service and a friendly delivery guy - what more could you ask for? This is easily one  of our favorite Fairmount pizza delivery joints when we're not in the mood for artisanal pies from Pizzeria Vetri downstairs.

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