Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spruce Street Harbor Park Review

Until August 31st, one of the prime spots to visit in Philly is Spruce Street Harbor Park. Along the same vein as the PHS Pop Up Garden last year, these urban pop ups truly brighten up the city's landscape. It's no wonder that it was recently named one of the world's best urban beaches.

In addition to having the Iron Chef Jose Garces' Blue Anchor "anchoring" the food and drink here, there are barges filled with video games and skee-ball. 

Of if you're looking to lounge around, prop yourself up on a beach chair and soak up the rays. 

But do venture into the heart of Spruce Street Harbor Park, with the lagoon of lily pads in the center.

And at the end of the dock, you'll find some hammocks, reinforced above the Delaware River. Perfect for two to lounge about lazily (that really is the limit on each hammock). Be prepared though - you may find a line staring at you to indulge in their turn. 

Once you're done lying above the Delaware, head over to play some additional boardwalk games.

Or you can lounge in some more hammocks amidst the trees. 

There may very well be some crafts to be bought. 

Or some life-size Connect Four or Jenga to be played. 

If this is what the Delaware Riverfront Corporation and the city of Philly are heading towards, I'm all about it. I still don't know if a skating rink is the most cost effective use of funds though, considering the state of public education. Ah well, one battle at a time.

Spruce Street Harbor Park
S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. 
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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