Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whirled Peace: Fairmount Review

As a resident of the Granary Apartments in Fairmount, we have a host of establishments located right below, including Pizzeria Vetri, Le Pain Quotidien, and Whirled Peace. The GF was most excited about the latter finally getting up and running earlier this year.

In addition to having great blends of frozen yogurt, Whirled Peace sets itself apart from the glut of competitors. How do they achieve this? As a champion for a variety of causes including Charity: Water and Philabundance. If you can treat yourself to a cup of froyo and help save the world, why not? 

There are already two other locations in Paoli and Manayunk, with a fourth to open in University soon! 


Priced at 50 cents an ounce, the combinations that Whirled Peace offers are pretty creative. But before we get into that, we've got to try the standard plain froyo, which the GF is partial to.

Tangy, yet sweet, the froyo is a perfect bed for the ripe fruit, candy, and granola that are all available for your topping pleasure. 

Rocky Road & Cookies n Cream

Of course, they've got other flavors like rocky road and cookies n cream, which I chose to top with strawberry, tiny kit kat bits, boba, which ate like pops of sweet grape caviar.

Strawberry & Key Lime = Strawberry Limeade

Lately, Whirled Peace has been offering mixed creations. Basically how it works is that there are two separate flavors that can be combined into one creative melange of flavors! Case in point - strawberry and key lime are offered separately. But mixed? It becomes strawberry limeade. Not rocket science, but it makes for yummy tastes!

So if you're looking to beat the heat, head on down to Whirled Peace in the Fairmount area and get a cup of froyo - you won't be sorry!

Whirled Peace
19th and Callowhill Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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