Monday, July 28, 2014

Chickie's and Pete's: Wells Fargo Center Review

Despite the Sixers being awful and to be honest, in full "embrace the tank" mode, the GF and I decided to head to Wells Fargo Center when the Knicks came into town. So for a quick bite before the game, we decided to head to the Chickie's and Pete's outpost in the stadium.

There aren't many options here as the full menu is not available. Besides chicken cutlets, chicken cutlet sandwiches, a chicken cheesesteak, and crab fries, you won't find any additional items. But really, all you need are the crab fries.

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich [$9.50]

The GF decided to get a regular chicken cutlet sandwich. The cutlets were crisply fried, but the chicken itself seemed to lack flavor and frankly, was a tad dry. The bread itself was nicely seeded, but was dry as well. It came accompanied with packets of honey mustard and BBQ sauce, but this sandwich was missing more than just sauce. Lettuce, tomato, or cheese would have been nice. But I suppose it is a stadium eatery.

Buffalo Chicken Cutlet Sandwich [$10]

The buffalo chicken was the same sandwich, but with blue cheese and buffalo on the side. And to be honest, that did a world of good. The sauce was nicely spicy and the blue cheese helped to add some salt and funk to each bite. The accompanying fresh sticks of celery didn't hurt either. 

Crab Fries & Soda [$12]

But really, we're here for the crab fries. They're thin, crispy, and crinkle-cut. These weren't overdone with Old Bay seasoning, which I appreciated. And the crab dip? Essentially creamy, salty, cheese dip - nothing wrong with that. This combo came with a large souvenir cup - Wells Fargo is apparently a Pepsi haunt (meh). 

 The total with tax came out to a little over $34 - typical for stadium fare. Next time, I would probably stick with the mega bucket option which offers a huge bucket of fries topped with a mountain of chicken cutlets - all for $28.

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