Friday, May 2, 2014

Luigi's Pizza Fresca Review

It was time to check out another Philly pizza joint. So the GF and I hopped on Seamless and decided to opt for Luigi's Pizza Fresca in the Fairmount area.

White Pizza [$14.95]
Mozzarella cheese, garlic 

We were in the mood for a white slice, so went with Luigi's standard white. Unfortunately, this was sub-standard as far as white slices go. The pie definitely needed more cheese as it was incredibly dry. I would have loved to see some dollops of ricotta as well.

The one positive was the fact that the crust was nicely crisp and the dough was well-seasoned. Hints of garlic emanated from each bite. Regardless, each bite was way too dry.

Mozzarella Sticks [$5.95]

We were feeling some mozzarella sticks and these were fairly uniform - clearly frozen. Still, sometimes mozzarella sticks hit the spot regardless of whether they're super fresh.

Chicken Fingers [$6.95]

The chicken fingers were actually really good though - crisp, meaty, and well seasoned. On the other hand, the fries were limp - 'nuff said. 

Overall, Luigi's missed the mark for me. Too many execution errors for something as simple as pizza and fries. Considering it's in the neighborhood and has decent Yelp reviews, I may give it another shot. Perhaps I should have went for a standard red slice ...

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